Organic Wines


About Organic Wines

Our core focus and philosophies as a company are shaped and moulded by the brilliant characters behind our great little vineyards, and, the incredible wine they produce. A number of these growers and winemakers are completely committed to organic and bio-dynamic principles. So it follows that we wholeheartedly embrace and promote this holistic approach. You’ll find all organic/bio-dynamic wines are marked with a green shelf ticket in our retail store, and online with this (insert icon) distinctive icon.

“In 1984 they thought we were crazy. We’ve just spent the last 30 years proving to everyone that they were right. We are crazy. But now it seems everyone wants to be crazy too, and it’s just what this planet needs.”

– James Milton (Neighbour of the Kemp family in Manutuke, Gisborne)

What are Organic Wines?

Very simply; no synthetic chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or herbicides are permitted in the vineyard. Organic grape and wine producers work with ecological processes and natural products. Further extended in the winery to mean no manipulation of the wine by excess filtration, flavour additives, and using natural yeasts