“Richly scented, vibrantly fruity and tightly structured…full of personality.”
– Michael Cooper on the 2015 Sauvignon Blanc, rated 5 stars

Our Story


Grava was founded in 2014 by experienced winemaker Alistair Gardner, his wife Karla Falloon and her Grava Winesfamily. The well-established vineyard sits on the alluvial soils of the Southern Wairarapa in the heart of the winegrowing region of Martinborough. It produces high quality wines from Pinot Noir, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Alistair is grava’s viticulturist and winemaker and uses traditional and modern viticultural and oenological methods in the vineyard and winemaking operations. The grapes are all hand- harvested and grown using sustainable practices with Alistair overseeing all stages of vine upkeep, crop growth and fruit maturity to produce the best quality fruit for processing and fermentation. Alistair’s attention to detail, extensive international knowledge and dedication to excellence characterises the grava vineyard and winery operations.

The vines grow on the terraces of the Ruamahanga River, the main waterway crossing the Wairarapa Plain. The alluvial deposits have provided the basis of the silty loam soils (Typic Argillic Pallic soil type) on which the vineyard has been established. These soils and the local micro- climate produce grapes with region wide renown. The wines from the grava vineyard are excellent examples, expressing distinct clonal, varietal and regional characteristics. The vineyard faces the Rimutaka Range to the west, with an eastern backdrop of the southern Wairarapa hills. Te Maunga (alt. 979 m) is a prominent mountain landmark to the south. The local semi-maritime climate is characterised by a cool spring climate and hot summers with pronounced diurnal temperature changes. The long and dry autumn conditions provide ideal harvest conditions for the production of our high-quality, distinctive wines.