Harakeke Farm

“The best value for money Pinot to be had.”
– John Hawkesby on the Pinot Noir, Canvas 2012

Our Story


Harakeke Farm wines

Joanne Costar and Andrew Sutherland planted their first vines in 2006 after a long search around the hills of Upper Moutere for a site that incorporated the proven Moutere clay gravels and north facing slopes. Nestled 10 minutes from the village of Upper Moutere, on Wills Road, we found an ideal 3.5 ha north facing block on clay soil and produce tiny quantities of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Riesling. Our wines are family made and express the vineyard, traditional and natural winemaking and the season. The wines are made from very low-cropped vines, approximately yielding one bottle per vine or less, and are packed with complex flavours and well-structured. Our vineyard also has “Harakeke” – the Maori name for NZ Flax. We are committed to gradually replanting the low lying areas of our farm with Harakeke and other natives.

Harakeke Farm wines are quality organic wines at fantastic price points. John Hawkesby has featured their wines in the Viva NZ Herald magazine and said “Their Harakeke Pinot Noir is outstanding and in my humble opinion is the best value for money Pinot to be had” John Hawkesby, Canvas NZ Herald May 2012. The Chardonnay also enjoys a loyal following, with demand out stripping supply each vintage.