Pyramid Valley

"You may think you know New Zealand wines but I can assure you that until you have tasted Pyramid Valley, you have no idea."
– Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

Our Story


pyramid valley winespyramid valley wineMike & Claudia Weersing came to New Zealand in 1996, when Mike began making wine with Tim and Judy Finn at Neudorf. After a 5 year search they purchased a farm in the Pyramid Valley, North Canterbury. The home block vineyards have been established according to rules that Mike grew to respect and inherently trust, during his time in Burgundy: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay have been planted on clay-limestone soils, on scarp slopes, at a density of 10,000-12,000 vines per hectare. The vineyard has been biodynamically managed from inception. Whilst waiting for their home vineyard to establish itself, an ambition to create a range of wines from other sites was realised - the Growers Collection.

All of our wines are fermented with their own yeast starters, cultured every year, from the vineyard itself. Working with yeasts from that site, of that season, is an important step towards transparency, authenticity and honesty of the wine in the bottle. Our cultures allow very long, very regular ferments: most of our whites ferment for more than a year. During this time, the wine is protected, so no sulphur is necessary. After so long a ferment, the wine is stable: thus most of our wines are bottled unfiltered, again with little or no sulphur. Each wine is allowed to flower as it wishes. If the Pinot Blanc stops with 4 grams residual sugar, so be it. On our home vineyards we’ve sponsored a marriage of clay-limestone soils to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, hoping to bring to the wine world a special, new place-voice. With the Growers Collection, we are allowed to work with admired colleagues, and with sites, soils, varieties different than those at home. All of our wines are devoted to people and place and all bring rich rewards of community.


"You may think you know New Zealand wines but I can assure you that until you have tasted Pyramid Valley, you have no idea. When I first sampled the earliest releases from this left-of-center producer, I was so drawn to the signature, ground-breaking if, at that time, not altogether flawless wines that I vowed to pay them a visit as soon as possible (which, given their location, is easier said than done). There was a spark of “otherness” about the wines that was so unlike anything else in New Zealand, it was difficult to say if proprietors Mike and Claudia Weersing were geniuses or mad or mad geniuses. I’m still kinda thinking there’s an element of the latter going on here but at least my first visit in 2011 and follow-up visit this year have confirmed to me that they are most definitely wine geniuses." Lisa Perrotti-Brown, Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, January 2015

Flowers, brown spices, earth and mineral moments, tea and pressed roses - the very nature of the bouquet is one of complexity and intrigue. On the palate - complex, dry, savoury and earthy. Flavours do reflect the bouquet, texture are something different - more savoury and intense with dried herb and fine tannins, a a natural level of acidity and complexity. Long and intriguing finish. Well made, youthful and natural. Drink now and through 2026+” – Cameron Douglas MS on the 2016 Earth Smoke Pinot Noir, March 2019

This is spectacular. It has a sense of entrancing fragrance and weightlessness but delivers purpose and power. With vibrant red cherry fruits it smells fresh and mouth-watering, with hints of rosehip and pomegranate, underlying spices and background foresty notes of wood and earth. It delivers a smooth-wrapped ball of red cherry flavor into the middle of the palate and unfolds in all directions. Extremely expansive, velvety and supple, it opens in true flower-like form. Beautiful. ” – James Suckling on the 2015 Angel Flower Pinot Noir, December 2017

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