Chene Bleu Astralabe 2015

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Astralabe was the love-child of medieval French scholars Abelard and Heloise, who grew up in the abbey with his mother, after she had become a nun, and never met his father. As the male “child” of the family, Astralabe shares his father’s blend of Grenache-predominance.

Tasting Note: A sumptuous experience. The nose unfolds with sexy, rich aromas of plum, fig and dark cocoa, with dried herbal undertones and a plenitude of mace, clove and nutmeg. The palate is a luxurious, unfurling roll of velvet, with punchy blue fruit and chocolate mousse developing into a more savoury, charcuterie-inflected mid-palate. Mouthwatering, nape-tingling finish.

Certification: Organic, Biodynamic

Alcohol: 14.0%

Varietal: Grenache blend

Region: Ventoux, Rhone Valley, France

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