Mahana Davey’s Lease Sauvignon Blanc 15

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Winemaking Notes: There is a degree of philosophy and perhaps politics in this wine as it is made in a very alternative method that many winemakers would find jaw dropping. This wine is really all about using skin fermentation to explore textures, aromas and flavours that I suspect have not been seen before. Along with fermentation on skins at different temperatures we are also using acacia wood to finish the fermentation as well as for maturation. A completely different species of timber that I think has a real affinity with the sauvignon blanc variety.

As soon as you look at the colour of the wine you know you are a long way from the Marlborough template. This wine does not look like water! The nose is striking…. pungent… arresting. It is very complex. The nose is almost ‘gaseous’ like a fresh truffle? There are also flowers there…like a savoury flower? Manuka honey…on and on it goes and does not stay still to be pinned down. It keeps changing.

The palate is rich and decadent. It is actually quite full bodied, broad and soft. There is very little assertive acidity as it sweeps over the palate filling the mouth with a textural brush. The palate goes on and on. This is a serious white wine that, to me at least, is a flag in the sand for the future of sauvignon blanc in this country. It is not one dimensional and simple. It is not ‘just’ a display of cool climate varietal expression…it is a seriously complex and compelling wine that breaks rules, boundaries and beliefs.

Certification: Organic, Biodynamic

Alcohol Volume: 13.0%

Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Nelson, New Zealand


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