Mahana Riesling 16

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94 points – Bob Campbell MW
94 points – Gourmet Traveller Wine

“According to Glover, “exploring the dark side of the variety” with high solids juice warm fermented by wild yeasts with no addition. The wine was “pretty much left to its own devices.” It’s a deliciously flavoursome and quite sweet wine (40g/l residual sugar) supported by tangy acidity that builds a wonderful tension. Very impressive.” – Gourmet Traveller Wine

“Quite a sweet riesling with honey, ripe apricot and lime zest flavours. A luscious wine that’s perfectly balanced by juicy acidity to give some exquisite tension. Very appealing indeed.” – Bob Campbell MW

Winemaking Notes: This wine is an interesting beastie. Just like the 2015 there is a lovely nose that is very hard to nail down. There are apple and pear characters as well as high toned perfumed characters that are redolent of lilies and other spring blossom perfumes.

To me the wine also smells incredibly ‘classic’ and by that I guess I mean that it isn’t just new world varietal Riesling with lime and citrus blah blah blah…there is something that is stony, mineral and gravelly about the nose as well.

I hate to say it but the nose does seem very Germanic to me as does the palate which is rich and weighty despite being only 9.5% alcohol. The combination of 40g/l residual sugar along with some good phenolic derived back palate texture means the wine is actually really textural despite its light weight frame. This wine is all about the balance between acid, sugar and phenolics to bring about richness rather than a simple acid – sugar balance to hide lean austerity.

This is a riesling that is exploring the dark side of the variety. To me, most winemakers think of riesling through the cold blue eyes of added yeasts, clean juice and cool fermentation in steel. They are robotic rather than Teutonic.

This riesling is an exploration of the other side of the variety. A high solids juice fermented warm by wild yeasts without any form of addition. It is pretty much left to its own devices…and riesling does what riesling does. It goosesteps across borders without a thought or a care. It is terroir driven, noble and aristocratic. It is the great white and a variety that I as a winemaker find quite intimidating. It doesn’t need winemakers…it just needs followers!

Certification: Organic, Biodynamic

Alcohol Volume: 9.5%

Variety: Riesling

Region: Nelson, New Zealand

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