Mahana Sauvignon Blanc 15

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Winemaking Notes: I have always a been a little befuddled why so many South Island sauvignon blanc producers pursue the aromatic side of sauvignon blanc so exclusively and ignore the textural and even complex side of the variety.

Sauvignon blanc is the uncle of the great aristocratic red variety cabernet sauvignon and as such, is certainly not short of noble blue blood itself. Think of the great whites of Bordeaux such as Chateaux Margaux ‘Pavillon Blanc’ or the mesmerisingwines of the late and great wild man of the Loire, Didier Dagueneau.

Sauvignon blanc can be so much more than a simple display of cool climate varietal aroma based around thiols and pyrazines. Many producers use various aromaenhancing enzymes along with selected aroma enhancing yeasts to ferment cleanlyand cool to preserve every varietal ester on offer. Not surprisingly these wines show intense varietal aroma that veritably leap out of the glass but what about mouth feel? What about texture? What about interest and drinkability??

This is where we differ. To me sauvignon blanc is a food servant. It is designed to deal with goat’s cheese, oysters, smoked salmon…but to do this it must have the structural and textural weaponry to assist. It must also have a degree of aromatic restraint to allow the food to contribute to the conversation as well.

Our wine has been made with absolutely no additions except for a small dose of SO2 just prior to bottling. It has spent 15 months in a combination of steel and old barriques. High solids and high temperatures for fermentation by indigenous yeasts assist with texture as does malolactic fermentation. I love the strong blackcurrant aroma’s which betray the relationship between sauvignon blanc and cabernet sauvignon as well as the smoky ‘sauvage’ characters. There is a creamy note on the nose as well which indicates the use of malolactic fermentation.

The palate is serious. There is great drive through the wine. There is good acidity and back palate grip and punch. It is appropriately bone dry and very textural. It is crying out for some fish!

Certification: Organic, Biodynamic

Alcohol Volume: 12.5%

Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Nelson, New Zealand


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