Vinteloper Urban Project White #4 2017

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Tasting Note: Let me get back to you… This wine is alive, constantly evolving and we are proud to say it’s pretty challenging stuff. This is not the Semillon Sauvignon that your Mum used to drink… See below.

Winemaking: In 2017 the Urban Winery Project was joined by nomadic winemakers from the UK, Wines of Momentary Destination. Their mantra is one wine, from one place, for one year only. Born from that was our inspiration for this wine. It’s a one off… Semillon was hand harvested and then crushed to tank where it stayed, completely untouched, for 209 days. In that time we also hand harvested Sauvignon, crushed it and fermented it on skins for 6 days before finished it off in barrel. We experimented with the balance and came up with 66.6% Semillon 33.4% Sauvignon to get this crazy little wine looking the way it does today. Wild. Natural (careful). And with just a hint of wonderment.

Alcohol Volume: 12.5%

Region: Adelaide Hills, South Australia

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