Zafferano Ultralight Aged Red & White Glass Set of 2

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“These glasses are subtle, light and clear: fashioned by the skilful hands of simple men devoted to their art, as precious to me as the material they work with. Objects born of a creative idea, crafted with wisdom, intelligence and culture.” – Federico de Majo, Zafferano designer

Description: Hand-crafted and mouth-blown in Venice from lead-free crystal glass, the Zafferano Ultralight range is all about the precision and beauty that only artisan production can create. This model is designed for oak-matured, aged red and white wines, but has the versatility to suit Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Viognier and barrel-aged Sauvignon Blanc at any evolutionary stage.

Volume: 820ml; 250mm tall from base, 115mm rim diameter

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