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Federico de Majo
Federico de Majo

“It all began in Venice. From my grandmother’s terrace, in the attic of the Ormesini palazzo, I passed into a low-ceilinged garret and played at hiding myself, pretending that I had been followed. Emotion and thrills of my childhood. And that was where I made the discovery. Brilliant glass, in all its splendour, the first glow, seized me with wonder for the first time. Eternal love. A single fragment, jealousy preserved, the icon of an endless desire… That’s where I started from. I searched and found, in the streets of towns, among small junk dealers, in old country houses, refined antique shops. I offer you the fruits of my research, my magnificent passion.”
– Federico de Majo, Zafferano designer and owner


The Zafferano glassware range is relatively new to the market. But they’re already making a big impact across Europe, sought after by the greatest chefs for their restaurants, such as Gaetano Trovato’s 2 Michelin-starred Arnolfo, Norbert Niederkofler’s 3 Michelin-starred St Hubertus, and Capri Palace’s Il Riccio by Andrea Migliaccio, all of whom commissioned glass designs from Zafferano’s chief designer and owner, Federico de Majo.

This lineage makes sense. Federico’s grandfather sold cheese and olives to the biggest restaurants in Venice, and his father had a glass-blowing workshop on the island of Murano, Venice’s historical centre of artisan glassware production. Following in his father’s footsteps, Federico created the Zafferano factory, which he moved from Murano to the mainland due to expanding production levels – but the artisan spirit of Murano lives on at every level.

These glasses are seamless – literally. The Ultralight range is entirely mouth-blown, with exactingly balanced proportions and glass thinness to create something that feels tactile, natural and special in the hand. Their unique shape is ultra slender and ultra alluring.