Organic Wine


Great Little Vineyards


As wine demand and consumption has increased dramatically over the last century, many producers have taken it upon themselves to keep up with this demand by working around the natural challenges of winemaking with the use of artificial chemical fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. While these practices control and stabilise winemaking, allowing for higher volumes to be produced even in difficult vintages, a growing number of winemakers are avoiding artificial enhancement in favour of an approach that not only maintains the wine’s purity and integrity, but also makes the final product both healthier and less damaging to the environment.

Organic farming is certainly the approach we favour at Great Little Vineyards, but while the practice has plenty of positive outcomes, it’s worth noting that not all organic wines are made equal: it takes a truly skilled winemaker to express the perfect combination of nature’s intentions and their own meticulous craft in their output.

That’s why we only work with quality Organic wines, not just those that have added the certification as a way to prove their credibility, or because it’s the latest trend. Our producers use the principles of Organics as an embedded philosophical approach, a core to their ethos, on which they’ve built their own distinctive winemaking style.

Every wine in the Great Little Vineyards portfolio has to go through our collective tasting panel, and for us an Organic certification is less important than a holistic Organic approach. Every wine listed below has met our next-to-impossible standards of meeting both Organic requirements and being a small revelation – not to mention a pleasure – just to drink.