Supernatural The Paranormal 2022

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93/100 – Cameron Douglas MS

“Aromas and flavours of raspberry and milk chocolate, tea and green coffee bean. Other aromas then flavours include violets and jus, raspberry and five-spice. A complex wine to take time over exploring the nuances – intended or not – that this example delivers. Tannins and fine to moderate, acidity medium+ (ish). Balanced, well made and ready, though I expect more cellar time could work as well. Best from day of purchase through 2028+.” – Cameron Douglas MS

Tasting Note: “The Paranormal 2022 has everything that Gregory and Hayden had intended for the debut version but circumstances (like the pandemic) prevented them from achieving. Weighing in at a refreshingly light 10.8% alcohol, this wine is a conundrum of bright, wildly natural wine, and some outrageously serious fruit, which I’ll explain shortly. What started life as roughly a half/half blend of Syrah and Malbec from Millton’s Te Arai vineyard, it took a turn towards the serious when the amount of Syrah was doubled due to the unprecedented addition of their phenomenal Crucible Syrah from the Clos de Ste.-Anne vineyard, ultimately making it 65% Syrah (half of which is Crucible) and 35% Malbec. The Te Arai portions underwent carbonic maceration in wooden cuvés with 30% whole bunches – the Syrah for 7 days and the Malbec for 10 days. The result is a very soft, fruit-driven, cherry tomatoes and crunchy style of red with some lightly peppery tannins on the end. Designed to be served chilled, it is a mouth-watering, light, fresh and lively but surprisingly complex wine that screams natural. If you have a sensitivity to volatile acidity, do note that this has a noticeable amount of it, but it suits the wine and is not out of character for the style.” – Stephen Wong MW

Certification: Organic

Alcohol: 10.8%

Variety: Syrah and Malbec

Region: Gisborne, New Zealand

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