Biodynamic Wine


cows horn for biodynamics

Biodynamic growers follow the same standard practices as organic growers, but with a deepened focus on understanding and managing the vineyard as a holistic organism. The methods to produce biodynamic wine are chiefly concerned with the growing phase. These include the use of special plant, animal and mineral preparations. Importantly the rhythmic influences of the sun, moon, planets and stars are recognised and worked with where possible. 

Although established in 1924 by Rudolph Steiner, biodynamics has evolved with our deepening knowledge of what makes a healthy planet, it’s of no surprise that it has seen an exponential adoption world wide as the sustainability of current agricultural methods is questioned. 

Unsurprisingly biodynamic wine has claimed numerous health benefits and although difficult to attribute to biodynamic wine alone, it no doubt deserves further study. It is not an easy path choosing to be an organic producer and even harder being biodynamic wine producer, in our experience we find the people that set out on this journey are conscious humans with a massive amount of commitment, energy and passion. This energy ultimately flows into the soul of the wines they release. 

The results of biodynamic wine speak for themselves.