From the start, our focus has been to discover embryonic estates, the superstar growers and producers of tomorrow. These visionaries are cut from the same cloth. Totally dedicated to producing the very best. Their vineyards and grapes are meticulously chosen, nurtured, hand tended and handpicked.

Typically, these are densely planted vines are low cropped, often only 1 to 2 tonnes per acre, which means that only the best fruit is picked. Quality not quantity. There is further commitment and emphasis on Organic/Biodynamic sustainable production. Interfering as little as possible with Mother Nature. Making wines that not only reflect where they are grown, but respecting the land that they come from. Wonderful people, producing wonderful wine.

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Alario Claudio

Benevolent Neglect


Chateau le Puy

Chene Bleu

Corofin Wine


Domaine de la Solitude

Domaine des Moriers


Dragon Bones

Finca Bacara/Egobodegas

Francois de Nicolay

Frenchmans Hill Estate

Giant Steps

Gil Family Estates

Gillman Vineyard

Hans Herzog

Jean Milan

Joseph Perrier

Karikari Estate

Kawa Grove Wines

Kemp Road

Lethbridge Wines

Ma Maison



Mon Cheval

Organised Chaos

Providence Vineyards

Puriri Hills

Reed Wines

Rock Ferry


Supernatural Wine Co.

Takahiro K Wines

Te Aotea

Te Motu

Valli Wine

Von Winning

Yangarra Estate

Zenkuro Sake