“It would not be exaggerating to say that Meyer-Näkel makes some of the most outstanding Spätburgunder in Germany.”
– Jancis Robinson

Our Story

Meyer-Nakel wines

The name of our wine estate goes back to the marriage of our grandparents Paula Meyer and Willibald Näkel in 1950. They cultivated an area of just 1.5 hectares, yet were able to make a name for themselves because Willibald’s production of dry red wines represented thoroughly pioneering work at the time.

The Ahr is situated just north of 50˚ latitude, which most people consider to be the boundary for viticulture. The Ahr valley is Germany’s most northern red wine area and with just about 550 hectares, it is also the smallest.

In order to ripen to perfection red wines require a lot of sunlight and warmth. The secret lies in an ideal micro climate found in the Ahr due to special geological conditions. The steep south-facing vineyard slopes are perfectly angled towards the sun. The soil formed from weathered slate and Greywacke warm up easily and are able to store heat. Hence, the grapes grow in an ideal biotope of the narrow Ahr valley that is protected by the Eifel Hills.

Wine making along the Ahr was founded by the Romans. As a fifth generation family estate, a passion for wine is at the core of who we are. Today’s wine estate was established by the marriage of Paula Meyer and Willibald Näkel. Although Willibald Näkel only cultivated 1.5 hectares of vines he was already a pioneer for the then rather unusual dry red wines from the Ahr valley. Today’s 15 hectares estate is managed by his son Werner Näkel, his wife Claudia and their daughters Meike and Dőrte. Meyer-Nakel grows and produces Pinot Noir wines of exceptional quality.