Joseph Perrier

Our Story

The House was founded in 1825 by the father & son duet François-Alexandre and Joseph Perrier. Joseph turned the establishment on “avenue de Paris” into a House of knowledge and expertise. His signature has been carried on by six generations from the same family, each one marking the House’s history and destiny differently.

Result of the founders’ legacy and the successors’ ambitions, Joseph Perrier Champagne currently boasts several different “cuvées”, notably the famous Cuvée Joséphine. JOSEPH PERRIER still exports 70% of production internationally, in-line with the House’s traditions and founding values: a 57- acre wine estate, rooted in a local community, quality champagne, authenticity and mastery of century-old skills.

The visit inside the 4th century Gallo-Roman cellars dug out of the chalk hillside is a journey into the past of men and women who were more than passionate about their craft.

Our goal is not to increase our production, but to continue to make beautiful champagne in small quantities. We thus carefully preserve the expression of each vineyard by separate vinification.

From our beautifully situated south facing vineyards of some 23 hectares ideally located obove the Marne overlooking Epernay, we extract only the best through meticulous selection and by picking by hand in small baskets to preserve the delicacy and quality of the grapes.

We implement natural protection for our vineyard such as planting grass between the rows in the vineyards or sprinkling water to fight against frost.

Driven by our passion, we treat our terroir with respect. We subscribe to a culture of sustainability and balance. We study our soils to better understand their specific requirements and have been among the first in Champagne to introduce beneficial plants between the rows of vines.

We follow the age old techniques as our forebears did throughout history to create each bottle of Joseph Perrier. Today this means that each bottle still passes through the hands of a dozen men.

The past inspires us. We continue with good traditions and enrich them if necessary. We are driven by passion and curiosity, history runs through our veins but our eyes are always turned towards the future.

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