Chateau le Puy

"Surely one of Bordeaux's most overlooked estates..."
– Decanter's Jane Anson, rated the 2015 Emilien 94 points

Our Story


Set on the same rocky plateau as Saint-Emilion and Pomerol, overlooking the magnificent Dordogne valley, the area was formerly nicknamed 'Miracle Hills' on account of the superb wines produced here. The vineyard Château le Puy is the second-highest point in the Gironde department. The bulk of the current Château was built in 1832 by our ancestor Barthelemy Amoreau, but the oldest sections date from the early seventeenth century.

At Château le Puy we practice organic and biodynamic viticulture, a modern way of saying we tend to the vines just as our Grandfathers did; no chemical fertilizers, no herbicides and no artificial insecticides. During the harvests we take particular care ensure grapes are not crushed on their way to the winery. There is thus practically no oxidation before fermentation begins. We also avoid adding any extra yeasts or sugars.





Our Wines