Herzog Winery

“I was bowled over by the aromatics of this wine…Old world in style, and elegant and refined, and just so smoothly structured.”
– Jamie Goode on the 2010 Spirit of Marlborough, rated 95 points

Our Story


herzog winesThe Herzog families have grown wine in Switzerland since 1630. Hans Herzog is a graduate of the Wine University of Wädenswil, Switzerland, with a degree in viticulture and a master degree in winemaking, plus the experience of over 40 years as winegrower/winemaker. In 1994, Hans identified a unique piece of land bordering the banks of the Wairau River in Marlborough that would provide all the elements to continue with his tradition of leading the way with new grape varieties. Not influenced by commercial thoughts, he successfully planted Pinot Gris, Viognier and Montepulciano – varieties rarely witnessed in New Zealand at the time. The densely planted 13 HA vineyards adheres to both organic and bio-dynamic principles with Han’s following a non-interventional philosophy and uncompromising dedication for tending to the vines. Wines undergo long cool fermentation processes with wild yeasts, resulting in wines that not only reflect the terroir where they are grown, but Hans himself. At Hans Herzog, old-world methods and experience go hand in hand with technology. No chemicals, additives or concentration. 100% natural winemaking.

Grapes are handpicked from the single vineyards at extremely, almost unsustainable low yields. Last count Hans Herzog was producing 19 different varietals or blends. Once the wine making process has taken place the winery bottles and labels their wine onsite. Quality control, at every opportunity, from the vineyard to the glass.

The boutique estate and restaurant is now widely acclaimed as one of the best in New Zealand.