Grappa di Caiarossa 2008 500ml

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Tasting Note: The amber color of Grappa di Caiarossa is typical of a long rest in wood, and is the fruit of the distillation of the marc of the company’s flagship wine. As the vats are emptied, the skins from seven different red grape varieties are transferred to other vats that are protected against oxidation to ensure their perfect conservation. Then, it is time for distillation, entrusted to the expertise of Nannoni, master distillers from Grosseto who rely on the traditional method of the manual removal of so-called “head and tail” (i.e. the first and last parts of the distilled liquid). Once distilled, the grappa spends 22 months in oak barriques previously used for the production of Oro di Caiarossa. Not only does the wood lend a characteristic color to the grappa, but also an intense bouquet and a harmonious rounded taste. In the first year of production, the 2008 vintage, 1,600 bottles were prepared.

Certification: Organic, Biodynamic

Alcohol: 42.0%

Varietal: Grappa

Region: Tuscany, Italy

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