Akitu Pinot Noir Blanc 2020

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“So, this is nothing if not quirky and rare, a still white wine from New Zealand made entirely from Pinot Noir… gosh, it’s utterly, completely beguiling. Akitu is one of Central Otago’s finest Pinot Noir producers, as anyone who’s tried their A1 and A2 expressions will know.” – Jonathan Ray, Spectator Life

Tasting Note: Bright, pale golden straw with the faintest of bronze hues. There’s a steely, quartz- like sparkle to a very pale green tint, like a sparkling bush stream through a pair of polaroids. The aromatics are subtle and focused, very delicate raspberry sorbet with honeysuckle and mandarin blossom, ripe lemons and hint of musk like Bartlett Pears. While the aromatics are detailed, the volume of fragrance is expansive and dimensional, particularly as the wine warms up in the glass, maybe 10 to 12°C is the best temperature to serve this? Beyond the fruit there is a faint waft of fresh croissants or brioche drifting from a nearby boulangerie. It’s like sparkling base with some secondary influence, the most delicate hint of the winemakers hand. The palate leads with the pear and a touch of Bickfords lime cordial, starting tight and focused then fanning into an array of texture and flavour. That mouthfeel is carried along by assertive yet silky acidity that is so juicy that it almost evaporates from your tongue to give an architectural void supported with pillars of flavour and structure. From the middle to finish there is a savoury line giving umami like persistence and carry to a tight crystalline finish. Food: Start with Stewart Island Salmon sashimi followed by Tetsuya’s Confit Salmon with Salmon Caviar (www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVl-qxSYgHQ). The best NZ sourced salmon obligatory.

Winemaking Notes: 100% Block A 777. Production – 1,470 litres – 163 x 12b cases equivalent. Harvested 21st April 2020, bottled 14th October 2020

Alcohol: 12.7%

Variety: Pinot Noir Blanc

Region: Wanaka, Central Otago, New Zealand

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