Dragon Bones Wutz Late Harvest Riesling 2023 375ml

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Tasting Note: Upfront power and concentration is met by razor sharp acidity that cuts through the 173 grams of rs like butter. The balance between the sweetness and acid can only be from a place that grows flavours and complexity through a vice like the Waitaki, each layer of this wine feels like peeling an onion. Preserved lemons and crushed rock are the flavour spine of this wine through a golden hued lens. The greatest sweet wines of the world never smell or taste shrivelled and mouldy, they simply exude the same effortless drinkability as an off dry Riesling, that is so powerful it feels like falling into a black hole.- Winemaker Sierra Reed

Alcohol: 7.5%

Variety: Riesling

Region: Waitaki Valley, North Otago, New Zealand

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