Zenkuro Sake Furusato Hometown Junmai

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New Zealand’s first and only sake brewery, Zenkuro Sake is based in Queenstown. They produce a ginjo and junmai style of sake using only the finest polished sake rice and water sourced from the Southern Alps. The purity of their ingredients creates a fine sake, best enjoyed chilled as a healthy accompaniment to any meal. Head brewer David Joll is a certified ‘Advanced Sake Professional’, producing a quality sake, of which Zenkuro is immensely proud.

Tasting Note: Furusato means hometown and refers to the Yumeikkonsake rice we source from Fukuoka, Japan, the hometown of our head brewer’s wife, Yasuko. With this very special rice variety, we have come up with a deliciously comforting style of Junmai Sake for your enjoyment. Soft & smooth with deep umami, elegant sweetness and subdued fruit aromas. Furusato Junmai can be enjoyed cold or gently warmed! Rice polishing rate: 60%

Alcohol: 15.0%

Variety: Sake Junmai

Region: Queenstown, Central Otago, New Zealand

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