Zenkuro Sake Original Junmai 375ml

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New Zealand’s first and only sake brewery, Zenkuro Sake is based in Queenstown. They produce a ginjo and junmai style of sake using only the finest polished sake rice and water sourced from the Southern Alps. The purity of their ingredients creates a fine sake, best enjoyed chilled as a healthy accompaniment to any meal. Head brewer David Joll is a certified ‘Advanced Sake Professional’, producing a quality sake, of which Zenkuro is immensely proud.

Tasting Note: Dry, medium-bodied sake, ideal for pairing with food. Demure herbaceous nose with a mineral-laden, fine citrus tang. Long, ricey finish. Pairing ideas: Pork roast, paella, cream pasta, seafood, pizza, barbeque lamb. Rice polishing rate: 60%

Alcohol: 14.0%

Variety: Sake Junmai

Region: Queenstown, Central Otago, New Zealand

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