Zenkuro x Takahiro K Sake Space Dragon Junmai Ginjo

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Tasting Note: This sake represents a unique collaboration between David Joll, a New Zealand born sake brewer and his team in Queenstown, and Takahiro Koyama, a Japan born winemaker from Waipara. Combining Zenkuro’s passion for adhering to traditional Japanese sake brewing methods, and Takahiro’s NZ honed winemaking skills, we have brewed a silky smooth Zenkuro-style sake, which has then been aged in French oak previously used for Takahiro’s world-renowned Pinot Noir. The name Space Dragon comes from the Japanese characters used for Takahiro’s name — 宇 (space) and 竜 (dragon). A perfect name for this very special sake, released in 2024, the Year of the Dragon.

Alcohol: 14.0%

Variety: Sake Junmai Ginjo

Region: Queenstown, Central Otago, New Zealand

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