Chene Bleu Drink Now Collection

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• 2 bottles of Chêne Bleu Rosé 2020
• 2 bottles of Chêne Bleu Astralabe Blanc 2020
• 2 bottles of Chêne Bleu Astralabe 2016
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The Southern Rhône’s hottest new producer, Chêne Bleu are creating “Super Rhônes” outside the appellation system, in a high-elevation site in the middle of the UNESCO Biosphere that just happens to be blessed with 60-year-old Grenache and Syrah vines. Developed with respect for the property’s long history (stretching back as far as 1427, when it was a medieval glass-blowing workshop) but looking forward to the future of fine wine, the winemaking is done exclusively by hand, with tiny yields up to a third below those of neighbouring Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The winery was purpose-built Organic and Biodynamic from the outset, and the wines have received consistent rave reviews since 2006, the first vintage.

This collection is an introduction to what owner Nicole Rolet calls the “pret-a-porter” equivalent range: three wines designed to be enjoyed immediately, yet with complexity and elegance far exceeding similar-priced alternatives from the region. Serious collectors should also check out the Cellar Collection, the “haute couture” equivalent range designed to express the absolute best of what the unique Chêne Bleu terroir has to offer.

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