Gillman Vineyard Clairet 2017

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Tasting Notes: Clairet, or “clear wine”, was the predominant wine of Bordeaux when it belonged to the English crown in the 12th Century. In that time, before the invention of the cork enabled wine to be aged reliably, red wine was run off the grape skins after only one or two days. The resulting wine was light in colour and very low in tannin, well-suited for earlier drinking. In later centuries the English also called the more modern dark reds from Bordeaux “claret”, but Clairet has kept its original meaning in Bordeaux. Clairet is slightly darker than a modern Rosé, with more fruit, richness and structure. This wine is best served lightly chilled. Only 294 bottles were produced from the 2017 vintage.

Alcohol: 13.0%

Varietal: Rosé of Cabernet Franc & Merlot

Region: Matakana, New Zealand

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